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Outcomes-Based Framework Survey

Provide Regen10 With Your Feedback!

If you are an expert in agriculture and food systems with experience working with farmers and landscape stewards on regenerative and agroecological approaches, we invite you to participate in the Regen10 Outcomes-Based Framework Survey. Your views will be critical in refining the Regen10 Outcomes-Based Framework, which aims to equip all food system actors with a shared understanding and ambition for driving the transition to regenerative farming. 

Objectives of the Survey: 

  1. Gather expertise from civil society groups who are already working with farmers and landscape actors to:
    • Help understand and shape the use cases for the Framework for different stakeholder groups  
    • Inform the structure and content of the Framework for its ongoing development   
  2. Engage a wide reach of civil society organisations in the framework’s development so that more views and perspectives are included  
  3. Generate momentum around the Framework as it enters the next phase of   development/release  

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will accept submissions until July 22, 2024. It is available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Please follow the link of your preferred language to fill out the survey: