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High-Level Advisory Group

Formed in October 2023, the Regen10 High-Level Advisory Group will advise the Program Director, Secretariat, and partners on Regen10’s strategic priorities and future strategy. Members provide strategic advice and insights to help shape Regen10’s current priority work areas and inform future strategy and planning, ensuring that Regen10 is aligned and connected with other global, regional, and national initiatives and fora, including initiatives focused on finance and enabling conditions. The High-Level Advisory Group will help ensure Regen10’s work is guided by science and evidence-based approaches and benefits from diverse expertise, including advising on engagement with farmers, women, Indigenous Peoples, and companies. It also will advise on Regen10's Outcomes-Based Framework so it is fit for purpose, appropriately rigorous, and responsive to the needs of the regenerative food system and agroecology communities.