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Outcomes-Based Framework

To establish food systems that are people, nature and climate-positive, we need a clear method that can measure progress and assess whether the agricultural production transformation we need is on track. 

Attitudes around the food-climate nexus are evolving. We are now beginning to understand the inherent link between environmental, economic and socio-cultural factors and how they influence and affect the way in which our food is produced. There are many existing frameworks, but the way changes are measured on farms still focuses, for the most part, on environmental and economic metrics only – and on practices rather than outcomes. 

To address this issue, we are developing a farmer-centric outcomes-based framework that is holistic and doesn’t favor certain practices over others. 

We have published a first iteration of Regen10’s Outcomes-Based Framework, which follows an analysis of more than 150 existing frameworks, and has been developed through engagement with a diverse group of food system actors, including farmers and land stewards. 

We are trialling the Framework in diverse farms and landscapes in multiple locations around the world to help us understand how farmers would use it and what outcomes are most important to them. We will translate these findings into an updated version of the Framework, for publication in 2025.  

CLICK HERE to read the Progress Report.

CLICK HERE to read the Zero Draft Outcomes-Based Framework

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If you are an expert in agriculture and food systems with experience working with farmers and landscape stewards on regenerative and agroecological approaches, we invite you to participate in the Regen10 Outcomes-Based Framework Survey.

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