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Regen10 is a global multi-stakeholder initiative working to support an inclusive, regenerative and equitable food systems transition.



Regen10 was set up in support of the growing interest in regenerative food systems in different regions across the globe.  

Regeneration has been at the heart of indigenous and traditional food systems for generations, but we still lack a shared understanding of how to scale them in a way that benefits people, nature and the climate. We aim to change that by: 

  1. Putting farmers and landscape stewards at the heart of the transition asco-creatorsand co-developers of change. This is reflected in our 10 principles, which shape our work and priorities – click here to view these. 
  2. Building the evidence-base and a shared understanding of what it will take to accelerate and scale regenerative food systems. 
  3. Connecting a growing network of regenerative leaders and practitioners working in diverse landscapes, to share learnings and co-create best practice  
  4. Developing tools and resources that will help food system actors transition to regenerative approaches. This includes an Outcomes-Based Framework with a core set of metrics to collect, measure and understand the changes that occur over time on farms and landscapes. 
  5. Championing voices to shape the policy and finance enabling environment, drawing on the knowledge, expertise, and needs of individuals, communities, organizations, and initiatives working in this space. 
  6. Encouraging global momentum towards regenerative food systems transformation through an inclusive platform. 

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