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Regen10 at COP28 UAE

Our Work

At COP28, we launched a variety of Regen10 products. This includes our Zero Draft Outcomes-Based Framework, our interactive map of existing landscape initiatives and our Landscape Discussion Brief, which was produced in partnership with 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People.

We also held two events Reshaping our food systems: Landscapes transformation for people, nature and climate and Towards an Evidence, Outcomes, and Principles-Based Transition to Regenerative Food Systems. Thank you to our partners and all those who attended the events, where we had productive and insightful discussions.

What we set out at COP28 is just the starting point. Throughout 2024, Regen10 will be holding a series of extensive consultations, dialogues and on-the-ground testing to refine our framework – ensuring it reflects the needs of farmers, Indigenous Peoples and other land stewards – before publishing the final version by the end of 2024.