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Farmers and Indigenous Peoples’ Ground Up Storytelling

Regen10 worked with WFO and a host of other farmer and Indigenous Peoples’ organisations to create a series of visual stories, told by farmers and Indigenous Peoples’ across the globe, that highlighted regenerative practices in different landscapes. Please share these videos through your own networks, to help further amplify farmer and Indigenous voices.

Regen10 would like to extend thanks to World Farmers Organisation, AfriForum, the South African Agri Initiative (SAAI), Kenya National Farmers’ Federation, Alianza Mesoamericana de Pueblos y Bosques, North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) and the Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiveristy and Food Sovereignty whose expertise and support made these videos a reality.

Kong Otilia Mukim, Meghalaya, India

Kisabel Nuñez (Katy), Guna Yala, Panama

Samuel, Kajiado County, Kenya

Lebo, Royal Bafokeng Nation, South Africa

Cynthia, Gauteng, South Africa