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Regen10 Statement

Accelerating an Evidence, Outcomes, and Principles-Based Transition

Regen10 serves existing leaders and practitioners in regenerative food systems and brings others into the journey through a principles- and evidence-based approach. It focuses on achieving holistic outcomes that include but are not limited to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved soil health, water quality, biodiversity, livelihoods, socio-cultural issues, and equity.

There are many examples of regenerative and agroecological initiatives operating in different regions and at varying scales. Regen10 seeks to draw on the learnings from these initiatives, build alignment on desired outcomes across stakeholders, and focus efforts on addressing existing gaps.

Our new statement draws on our discussions with food system actors and outlines five key actions Regen10 will focus on: build an evidence-base and a shared understanding of what it will take to scale regenerative food systems, develop a holistic Outcomes Framework, connect a growing network of experts across the globe, help create an enabling policy and finance environment, and foster global momentum towards regenerative food systems transformation.